Box Pleated Midi Skirt

€28 €48

Multi checkered box pleated midi skirt. Very small waistline creating the box pleat shape flaring outwards. Such great colours combined together that can be worn and styled in many ways. Great flow and movement.

M E A S U R E M E N T S :

Waist: 25.6"

Length: 29"

Fabric: Cotton

Please remember, these garments range from 30 to 100+ years old and often exhibit insignificant signs of wear or age. We believe this is part of the unique and beautiful charm that only belongs to clothing with a history and makes each piece one of a kind with a story. All are priced as-found and we only sell garments that we believe have merit and beauty in their design regardless of small blemishes. Obvious imperfections or significant issues will be mentioned in listing and priced as-is. 

Please feel free to email us at or DM us on instagram if you have additional questions.

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